Sunday, May 1, 2016

Clover Plot

This was the area of a burn pile from last year.  I dug out two crab apple trees and a lot of old buckthorn stumps.  The straw is where the raspberries went in.  I prepared it as best I could and then sprinkled crimson clover into the ground.  I want to learn more about annual clovers, and last year I found it very useful to have a patch of clover to serve as a "bunny magnet" to draw any rabbits that get past the perimeter fence away from my veggies.

There are a few more weeds than I expected coming up in the East strip.  Well, this is what a wet Spring gives you.  Not enough time to work the soil and clean up the weeds.  The wheel hoe is just indispensable for dealing with this.  The new model with a 7" cultivator sweep is working fantastic.  Once the cash crop is up some more and the place dries up I will really go to town here.

Turned out that a lot of my celeriac was actually lamb's quarters!  I ordered some more seed, which will be late getting in the ground now.  Target for indoor starting of celeriac is March 15 around here.

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