Monday, May 16, 2016

Tomatoes going in!

It's just drying up enough that I could get out and do some work today.  Needed to get the vegetables on the East strip organized and fixed, and to start clearing out my supply of tomatoes in flats.

Put about 50 tomatoes in, I have two more flats to go.  These are going in on the former oats & peas strip, next to the potatoes.  I only planted the high ground in the middle.  Towards the end of the row it is still fairly wet.

So.....tore out some more failures from the April 18 planting.  I put in about 85' of beets (Detroit and Chiogga), and purple top turnips.  I actually labeled the rows, too!

Rules for Gardening:

  • Never apologize for your soil
  • Keep planting until something grows
  • Summer comes once per year
  • One word--turnips!  If nothing else will grow, grow turnips.  Peasant food will save your garden.

Got some frost damage on Saturday night (May 14), which nipped some of the potato leaves.  They will be OK.

Here is what the Marquis on Spring Street looked like on May 15.  The Turkey is in the far background.

Donks and goats have been on 100% pasture for 3 weeks now, I'd say.  The donkeys come up front because the lawn is thicker than the pasture right now.

Elliot inspecting the Ehmke Turkey.

The Boyne raspberries are significantly ahead of the laphams.  The lapham raspberries are showing the tiniest buds and nothing else, but all of the Boynes have good leaf growth like this one.

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