Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cold Spring Update

May is almost here and there is a little, but a not much more, to show for it.  A few veggies are poking out of the ground, and all of the onions and leeks have been planted at the far East end.  Weirdly, forecasted rain kind of backed off and for a moment I was worried the onions would dry up and start dying.  But the past two days have added about 3/8" of rain to the field, just about perfect.

The donks are grazing on the wheat and clover cover crops.  They seem to prefer the wheat.  This will get plowed up as soon as it is dry enough.  I started to plow the clover but it was too wet to plow very well.

The winter wheat historical tests, samples from the USDA small grains collection.  From left to right, Turkey Red, Wisconsin No. 2, and Bacska.

USDA Spring wheat samples.  From left to right, Sturgeon, Marquis, and Red Fife.  Wish I had ordered some bluestem!

Garlic looks fantastic!  The over-wintered onion experiment was a complete failure, I don't think a single plants survived.  Also, the sets died.  However, all over there were onions that I forgot to harvest last year that survived just fine, and also a bunch of spring onions that self-seeded themselves all over.  Many of these volunteers I dug up and put in with the garlic.

Here is the Marquis just coming up in the garden.  

Here are the "Three Turkeys," KC-State (Ehmke), Heartland, and Stephens.  The Stephens is noticeably taller and more variable.

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