Friday, May 13, 2016

Barley tests

I am branching out my tests into two historic varieties of Barley.  There is a potential customer for Turkey Red wheat, a small malting operation, so I am bit curious about historic barleys.  It turns out there are two fairly significant barley varieties that were developed in Wisconsin, so I ordered sample from the USDA germplasm genebank.  Here is the entry that got me excited, from the Annual Report of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experimental Association, Volume 8 (1910)

Here is the Oderbrucker about to go in the ground.

And here is the Manshury.  It was collected from the John A. Salzer Seed Co., Lacrosse, Wisconsin, 20-Mar-1903.  

This picture is taken while standing on the East strip, towards the winter wheat, facing Southwest.  The Oderbrucker is in the foreground, and the Manshury is in the background.  They are single rows about 6" off the wheat.  Soil is a bit weedy but I think it will do.

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