Monday, May 30, 2016

Corn and squash planted

So just to recap, I did not remove all the red clover, settling on just a 14' wide strip next to the garlic.  The rest of the clover will be harvested for fodder, and I hope to plow it up this Fall.  The strip to the West of the clover was planted to winter wheat last year.  It also is not working up very well, so I just focused on a 6' strip down the middle, enough for the squash plus two rows of floriani red flint corn.  A few live wheat stalks will not bother anything.

Here is the upper corn strip.  It's 4 rows of black jack popcorn, saved from the 2015 harvest, and two rows of Roy's Calais flint corn, also saved from last year.
For most of my drilling, I stretch out a rope, then run up and down with the wheel hoe.  After that I run the Earthway down.  All corn is set to 1" depth.
Roy's Calais corn is red and yellow.  I used one yellow cob and three red cobs to make the seed mix.  The red gene is recessive (or something like that) and you're supposed to use more red than yellow.  The whole harvest came from a single red cob harvested in 2014.
Best seedlings yet!  I've never had plugs that popped out like this so nicely.
So the squash went straight down the middle of the strip.  Sebastian & I also added 4 loads of compost prior to working up the field.  There is greek heirloom squash, butternut squash (saved), and cantaloupe (saved).  One each side, 2' rows, is floriani red flint corn.

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