Friday, May 13, 2016

Sketchy Start

April was wetter and colder than expected, and this East strip might not be completely ready for good vegetable growing yet.  It was cleared of brush one year ago and had good cover crops on it last year, but there is a real bloom of weeds on it and the April 18 seeding is doing poorly.  Only the peas, radishes, carrots, and beets are easy to spot.  It's time to start selectively working it up and replant it.

It was not dry enough to do much today, but towards the South it is higher ground and I did drill in a half-row of spinach. We'll see if it germinates.

The bee packages installed on Monday are a little troublesome--I went in yesterday and found both queens still stuck in their cages.  This is my fault since I forgot to take marshmellows when I picked up the packages and made a dough out of honey and flour instead to keep the queen caged up.  The workers were making good progress digging into it but three days was enough.  One queen I helped out by pushing a stick though the dough, and the other I just pulled the screen back.  I'll have to check again early next week.
The below are just picks showing the two varieties of raspberries I planted a few weeks back.

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