Saturday, May 28, 2016

Under Control

After getting back from my break up North I work non-stop in the garden.  Hardest hit is the team--we have to get this red clover dug out!  Wow is it hard work.  The clover will just not give up, and the team needs to rest often.

Here is a view of the three USDA wheat seed tests.  From left to right is Turkey Red, Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2, and Bacska.  The Bacska looks very good, and it is distinct from all the other winter wheat in the garden.  It's going to be fun to try baking with this wheat in a couple of  years.
Here is the lettuce that I planted last August, for winter harvest.  Now it's growing quite nicely in the oats.  Go figure.  BTW, the oats came up very spotty and I think I need to double drill next time.
More lettuce woes.  I drilled in a triple row about a month ago, and maybe three survived.  Lettuce is not my forte.

Here is my 2016 attempt at a pea trellis.
Here is how the strip West of the garlic looked before I drilled in popcorn and flint corn.  So that damned red clover finally gave up!  I fully expect that there are a few live crowns still down there, but overall I am pretty pleased.  At any rate, a couple of red clover plants will not bother the corn.  At the South end where it gets wetter the seed bed is not as good.  But the team pulled there hearts out.  The drag was set up with 3 x 9" sweeps, set pretty close together.

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