Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spring Stir Fry

My sister asked about my procedure for making stir fries.  I make them almost every day during the summer.

Chop your allium!  Here I have one baby onion and a few garlic scapes.
Take the smoke detector off the wall and put the burner on high.  Get the oil hot first.  I am using olive oil today.
Get the allium glazed and maybe a few brown corners.
Throw in the greens, roughly chopped.  Today I have beet thinnings, which are the entire plants just yanked out of the ground, and baby swiss chard.

Use a cover if you have one to get it steamed and wilted ASAP.  1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and soy sauce, each.  Get it off the pan as soon as it is ready.  The above is almost over cooked.  If you sprinkle some water or white wine in at this point you can de-glaze the pan and get some more flavor.


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