Sunday, June 12, 2016

Garlic Scapes!

I've been waiting 11 months for garlic scapes, and they are finally here!  I'm so happy.  They go in everything for the next 6 weeks--in my scrambled eggs, on pizza, and in stir fries.  I did all three today!

I am harvesting onions and getting small leaves of swiss chard plus all the beet thinnings I want right now.  The spinach, alas, never took.  At least two plantings were as dead as a door nail.

The 10th Avenue Red Fife field is weedier than I had expected.  I will have to be prepared to clean the seed immediately after harvesting, otherwise the moisture from the weed seeds can spoil the wheat.

I scored a fantastic electric motor on Craigslist yesterday.  I will use it on the Model 600 mill and I hope this will make it much more productive.  Right now I just have a 2 hp motor on it, and I am always pushing the motor past it's safe amperage rating.  The only issue with this motor is that it's rated 7.5 hp, while my gearbox is only rated 4.6 hp.  I will need to limit the amperage so as not to exceed the rating and trash the gears.  This should not be too much trouble.

The new shoe on the seed cleaner is basically set to go.  The ball trays are not what I had hoped--the balls are not bouncing all that great.  I expect to be messing with it once I have a harvest to test it more.  The slope on the scalping screen is about 11 degrees, much higher than stock.  I am hoping this will let whitecaps and straw scalp off easier than before.

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