Sunday, June 19, 2016

Putting up Hay

That 15' wide strip of red clover is really growing nicely.  This week in our area is "hay week," just about every hay field is being cut, dried, and baled right now.  I cut the clover with my scythe three days ago, and flipped it over once with a pitchfork.  It's not 100% dry, but I think it's dry enough to put up loosely.  Anyway, Sebastian & I took three cart loads out of the field in the early evening. 
Sebastian is really getting good at working single, although he does get antsy eventually.  He also does not have a lot of hot weather experience.  At any rate, he did an excellent job.
There is really not room for all the bales I'm going to put away plus loose hay, but I really wanted to try putting some loose hay up in the loft.  It was very easy to flip it up there with a pitchfork.

A couple views of the garden.  It really looks good this year!

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