Monday, June 27, 2016

Crop check in

Weed management in the garden is very good this year.  I attribute this to hard work in years past, so that the overall weed bank is down.  Also, much of the soil has good tilth now so it is much easier to pull up weeds and work the soil.  I am getting a  good balance and I don't think I will have the weeds I have had in years past on the South side of the garden, which is furthest from the shed and used to always get the least attention.
Here is the Spring grains section.  Funny, I could have sworn I planted two rows of Marquis, but it looks like I planted Turkey by mistake.  It is coming up with beards so it can't possibly be Marquis.  It will be an interesting experiment to see how Spring Turkey turns out!
Poor planning.  Here the basil is really going to get shaded out by the op sweet corn.
Even worse, that lodging winter wheat is creating all kinds of havoc.  Here the swiss chard is almost covered up in places.  The USDA barley is really getting shaded out, and the Sturgeon Spring wheat is also well covered up.  I have to plan ahead better next year!

The Marquis on Spring Street is looking good.
The Red Fife on 10th Ave is very thin.  I don't know if I will get much of a yield here.  The Marquis looks thicker to me.
Another view of the 10th Ave Red Fife.
Back in the garden, here is the Bacska, which along with the Wisconsin No. 2 is standing better than just about any of the other winter wheats.
Long overdue--building up wooden hoops for the portable hoop house.  I really hope to have this baby running well this winter.

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