Friday, June 10, 2016

Dead Floriani Red

My floriani red, a gift of a farmer I met in SW Wisconsin, is totally dead seed!  It's been 10 days and there is zero sign of life.  So I dug up the rows with the wheel hoe and replanted Roy's Calais, of which I have plenty of seed.  I also put in about 15' of sunflower, which I have never grown before.  I plan to buy some pole beans at DP Wigley and make a 3 sisters plot here.  Hopefully the squash won't get too crazy and block everything from germinating.  The beans are supposed to go in about 2 weeks after the corn, but I think I can't wait that long.  They will get shaded out by the squash.  I'll drill in the  beans in a few days, I figure.

Put in about 15' of carrots, in that nice ground where the bok choi just got clobbered by cabbage beetles.
I put in about 20' of French buckwheat that I got from the USDA, into that empty row between the sweet corn and the garlic.  The brussel sprouts that I planted yesterday are taking root really nicely!
At the other end of the same row I drilled in a double row of lentils.  This crop failed last year, but this year I am trying ordinary lentils (not the black ones) from Outpost.  It would be really cool if I could grow lentils.

I have been harvesting the cilantro aggressively, even though it is just getting going.  But there is 20' of it so I think at some point I will be overwhelmed with cilantro, regardless of what I do now.

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