Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Overview

Lodging in the winter wheat is pretty bad, at least in this one section.  I think some of it may even die.
The East strip is doing OK.  This land was opened up just 14 months ago, so that's actually pretty good.  There is quite a bit of buckwheat coming up as weeds, but in general the fertility is adequate to grow things.  The beets are doing the best.  I am thinning them every day and eating the thinnings.
Facing North.  From right to left, spring wheat, potatoes, a few celeriac, tomatoes, beans, basil (unseen), corn, and garlic.
Facing South.  From left to right, garlic, popcorn, flint corn, red clover.
The cucurbits are coming along, and the sunflowers and flint corn I planted last week are coming up.  Today I hand planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans to make a three sisters planting.

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