Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring wheat planted

I put in a small section of Red Fife spring wheat today.  The section is very small since I do not want to use up too much of this prime ground.  I wanted to put the wheat in the area next to the winter wheat, where vegetables were grown last year.  But this area is too wet to plant today.  There is rain in the forecast for the next few days.

Ground was worked up with a spike tooth (to spread out compost that was applied over winter) and then the cultimulcher, using all three donks.  I put the wheat right up against the garlic to save room.  I hope the wheat is not too tall to affect the garlic before it is harvested.

Using the Earthway seeder I drilled the wheat to 1" and made a second pass of medium red clover at 1/2" depth.  There were 6 rows of each, and the total strip is 5' wide x 120' long.

Yesterday and today I finally got to use my Christmas present Rogue scuffle hoe.  Wow, does it work!  The rows of garlic have a clean start to the season now.  Garlic has been poking up for a week or so.  I should add that this ground is just barely dry enough to be worked and walked on at this point, and nothing more.

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