Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rabbit Proof Fence

I enlarged the perimeter this Spring and put a fence in that I hope will slow down the rabbits.  Last year rabbits were a plague.  They ate 96 pepper plants, two plantings of peas, two plantings of beans, half of the kale and kohlrabi, damaged the winter wheat, ate a row of beets, and even ate some onions!  The rabbits were everywhere.  It was common to see 6-8 rabbits in the garden every morning, and I counted as many as 20 on my walk from the house to the garden.  So something had to be done.

This fence is a mix of chicken wire, silt fence, and rabbit wire.  I used the silt fence as an experiment last year and it worked very well.  My hope is that the fence will slow down and discourage the rabbits, and I can plug leeks as I see them.  It will be a challenge but I have to do something.  I am also cutting brush outside of the perimeter to eliminate cover.  The perimeter now measures 113' x 186'.  I am also expanding the are under tillage and it should be 1/3 acre by the time I am done.

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