Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Leeks going in

My leek seedlings from Johnny's came in the mail today. The weather is miserable, but probably just the way leeks like it. About 45 degrees, wet, cloudy, and windy. So I stuck them in using a stick to poke holes every 4". Sticky soil makes for slow going. I will finish tomorrow.

Tomorrow: It actually snowed a bit while I was finishing up!  The ground is not perfect but I think these plants needed to get planted.  Frankly, they did not look that good in the box.  I will be curious to see how they do.  I planted all of them, even the really marginal ones, for a total of 104.  The purchase was for 50-60 plants so if that many make it I can't complain.

I am seeing overall that I need to get more aggressive with perennial grasses.  I have barely enough clean ground to get these early veggies in, but some ground (like this row of leeks) has significant live grass buried in it and I'm sure it will be miserable hoeing at some point.  The areas of oats and peas are the most disappointing.  This mix does not seem to cover and beat back grasses very well.  Also, so far in this field the peas have been very weak growers.  I am hoping that as the tilth improves that will change.  The strip of rye looks very clean.  Rye is known to be allelopathic and it has been very effective in conditioning ground and fighting back weeds in this field.

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