Sunday, April 19, 2015

Potatoes planted

Put one row of spuds to the west of the garlic. The ground is worked up but some crabgrass will remain. However, my fingerlings in the root cellar can't wait. The row also included about 30' of red norlands from Margaret.  There are another 15 lbs to go in, so I will have at least 2 more full rows.

Rain started right on schedule at 6 pm the day of planting.  Supposed to get up to an inch, which will be just fine for the new plantings and these potatoes.

There is a stubborn row of bunching onions that never got harvested last year.  They are growing very strongly and I finally grabbed a couple to eat tonight.  12 month old onions taste great!  Have to eat them quick as I have plans for that part of the garden!

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