Sunday, April 12, 2015

Seedlings so-so

As is usual, my flats do not look that great.  I use my own compost so the soil can be inconsistent in the small cells.  Interestingly, my own saved tomato seed (heirloom purple cherokee) is doing pretty well with the damp-off, and Amish Paste from Jonny's are almost 100% loss from damp off.

But it's so bad this year that I broke down this week and bought a bag of soil from Fleet Farm and started 3 new flats.  I made up another 251 cell onion flat, a 72 cell of peppers and a few more tomatoes, and a 72 of celeriac.  Have to get something going to plant!

The greenhouse experiment is going well.  Peas and radishes are the strongest.  I am making plans to move the greenhouse into the new garden soon.

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