Sunday, May 14, 2017

Windhaven Field

My friend Kathy has a two-acre hayfield that has fallen into disuse which we plan to use for a wheat crop.  The field is extremely rutted, so I began by discing the entire field once.  This helped a little bit.

I plan to keep the field bare until most of the weeds are dug up and dried out, and then put a cover crop of oats and peas on.  I will probably use it for spring wheat in 2018.

This is Brian's 3-16 plow attached to my Case 1494, and 85 hp diesel unit I found on craigslist.  This combination ran well, although I occasionally ran out of traction in wet areas.  Like everything else in our area, this field still had some wet spots.

We did make some straight furrows, which I'm very happy about!

The soil was turned over well in most places.  Especially towards the end, when the bottoms were mostly scoured, things ran well.

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