Sunday, May 28, 2017

Moving Along

Probably half of the fields in our area have yet to be planted, so I feel lucky to have gotten as much going in the garden as I have.  It's going to be a weedy year--cold wet soils will always bloom lots of weeds because there's no way to get in there.  But things are moving along.

May 27 I planted four rows of popcorn in the East strip.  I think there is some good soil here to grow some popcorn well.

As we move West things get dicier--you can see the bloom of weeds to the right.  The soil is saturated and can't be worked.  But I did manage to create these raised beds for the tomatoes.

Here is what the Red Fife looked like on May 28.

I also disced the Windhaven field on May 28.  I'm happy that things are knocked back fairly well.  If I can just keep it black I will be able to prepare the field well.

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