Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I have some of the best soil preparation to date this year, despite the cold wet spring which just does not help.  With the normal north-south field work pattern (or any other pattern), the plow is always going through both wet and dry soil.  However, in the more cooperative parts of the garden the plow is working just amazing.  I also have a new version of the disc which can go over plowed ground and make a nice seed bed.

I stuck the basket roller from my old cultimulcher project onto the back of the brinly disc and I really like the results.  It's super stable and easy for the team to pull.  I still think a second disc gang would be best, but until I find one this is a great solution.

In good soil the plow is super-stable and really turns the soil over.  It goes about 4" deep.

Here is the danish digger being pulled.  Sebastian loves to reach over and grab a bite of the super-rare wheat growing right next to him, oblivious to my objections.

Here is the renovated section of pasture, disced and seeded.

Onions went in on May 9.

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