Monday, May 22, 2017


The moisture and cold are still not letting off!  Although there have been no unusual, late frosts, there has been plenty of wind, rain, and 40 degree days.  Aaaargh,

Simon and Nigel, during their shearing ordeal.  They actually got cleaned up pretty well this year.

The new disc hiller in action.  I have high hopes for it, since it has the capacity to make the wet, low areas of the garden more usable.  The first raised bed is a mix of peppers, tomatoes, and red potatoes.  As soon as I can work in there again, I hope to make several more beds for tomatoes and cucurbits.

Peppers went into the first raised bed on May 19.  The only good thing about our cold wet weather is that I don't have to worry about transplants drying out.  The peppers looked great after I got back to the farm from a weekend trip.

I put in four short rows of sunflowers, which I hope to harvest for seed.

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