Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I did some more bed forming today and also tried hilling the potatoes.  What a blast!  Evertyhing worked great.

The team also did some plowing in the cold West end.  What a muddy, not-fun mess in there.  But we dug out a lot of quack grass and if it will just warm up we can get it worked up.  My plan is for a single raised bed for cucurbits, and the rest some sort of summer cover crop.

Sebastian and Cassie are rock stars.  They had no trouble straddling the row and pulling like mad.

The hiller tracks better than I thought and it's even possible to move it right or left by moving the team.  I really think it's a winner.

We also made these beds next door for Dawn.

I have a three-wheeled work cart and I think this will be the main cart from now on.  The dolly wheel makes it easier for the donkey to balance.  Rosie needs some one-on-one work so I think she and I will do quite a few sessions like this one together.

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