Friday, May 22, 2015

Tomatoes, Peppers, Celeriac, and re-seed

I put in my tomato, pepper, and celeriac transplants today.  The weather is still cool and there is rain forecast for the weekend.  This is going into real good ground.  In the remaining space I put in a row of basil, a row of beans, and a double row of black hulled lentils.

In the higher ground that was seeded on April 20 I reluctantly tore out the spinach and carrots, and re-seeded them.  I don't know if the cold wet weather rotted the seed, or if my 2-3 year old seed was no good.  But germination levels were in the 0-5% range.

I am planting onions wherever they fit.  I started two 231 cell flats of onions so I have a lot to plant!  I use them to fill in bare spots in other rows, which works pretty well I think.

There are still all kinds of old tree and shrub roots coming out of the field, especially from the newer areas.  This is telling me that nitrogen will be hard to come by until all this carbon has rotted out of the ground.

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