Saturday, May 30, 2015

Break in!

A bunny has busted in!  Although I did not catch anyone red-handed, I had noticed some nibbling the baby beets and was starting to wonder.  This spot next to the shed also had cover from a pallet leaning against the wall, which was the first mistake.  I'm working hard to keep the area on both sides of the fence clear and open.  Bunnies love cover.

Anyway, it's ironic since this plastic fencing is marketed as rabbit fence and is said to have a scent that drives bunnies away.  Apparently not my rabbits!  I moved the pallet and backed up this stretch with a steel section of rabbit fencing.  I also did some mowing to spread the scent of smelly oil and gasoline, and to reduce cover.  I will do more of this when it dries out.  It has rained about 1/2" for each of the past couple of days.

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