Saturday, May 9, 2015

Multiple Fronts

I have a bunch of things going on right now around the farm.  I filled up one of my old raised bed frames with asparagus crowns, and spread compost over the bed I planted last year.  The older asparagus bed in this same area is doing well, although I have never been able to control the weeds and grasses.  These new asparagus beds are clean, at least for now.

I drilled some French Breakfast radishes into the kitchen garden along with one row of lettuce.  This isn't really the kind of use I envision for the kitchen garden, but I wanted to get some more radishes planted and the main garden is too wet today.  We received a little more than 1" last night, most of it in one thunderstorm at dusk, and there is more rain on the way.

Here is how the dwarf apple trees look in the old garden out in the pasture.  These are just Fleet Farm trees I stuck in last Spring.  The goats are on pasture now most of the time.  Still waiting for a little more growth before putting the donkeys out.  I have been overseeding the pasture during raining periods to improve the grass mix.

I'm making a new drag to improve on the cultimulcher I built last year.  I'm hoping it will be lighter and clog a little less.  Not a big priority for the farm, but I love to tinker.

Building a new stand to go out front.  I hope to have this finished and installed in a couple of weeks.

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