Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sloooow germination all around

My "big planting day" in this field was April 18, 25 days ago.  Can't believe how slow it is coming along!  The peas are the only thing to look at.  The carrots, lettuce, and spinach you have to squint to see.  Radishes, beets, swiss chard, and kale you can see at 10 feet.  On the positive side, the leeks are taking root strongly and look good.  It's too early to call on the onion transplants, but the onion sets also look good.  The last week of wet weather is starting to give the weeds an edge.  I even found a couple of dandelions gone to seed--is that even fair??  I should be able to hoe in another day or two.

Overall these past 25 days have been cold and somewhat wet, but little or no frost and some good sunny days.  I would say that the soil temperature has remained fairly low however.

The robins (or whatever they were) are out of the nest and nowhere to be found.  It seems a little early for them to be gone but I'm hopeful they are OK.  Robins only spend 2 weeks in the nest and it's possible that it's been that long.  In the absence of any nest disturbance I don't think it was a predator.

The first row of potatoes is coming up!  I'm really psyched about this.  This row is fingerlings that I saved from last year and they look strong.  Furthermore, they are coming up in areas that were staying fairly wet and even under water during these rainy days.  This row was planted 24 days ago.

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