Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mow rye plant onions etc

The rain held off for a half day and I decided to do a little more work.  I mowed the rye cover crop, which is suggested for encouraging root growth.  I will be plowing this rye down some time after this rain cycle in anticipation of a corn planting.  That's my plan, anyway.

To the right of the rye in the photo you can see the leeks.  There are only 100 or so leek plants in the row, and today I put in a few celeriac plants (to get them out of the tray) and then filled the rest of the row with a full tray of onion plants, probably 150 or so.  It was just starting to rain when I finished up planting before dark.

Here is how the two rows of garlic look.  It's growing well, but I've been surprised at how many little weeds are trying to come up.  I have probably hoed this row carefully 3-4 times now and each time there has been a new crop of weeds in the thread stage.  The rogue scuffle hoe is working well.  I am also using my wheel hoe with three tines to great effect this year.  With so much more of the nasty grasses gone this year the soil is much, much easier to weed.

Addendum: As of 5/4 I am still waiting on the rain.  It only sprinkled over night.  But it's all over the forecast for this week, so it has to come sooner or later.  I drilled in bok choi to finish the third potato row, starting with a miniature "toy choi" and finishing with conventional.  I also broadcast a bit of crimson clover onto the newly opened strip, so it is now officially oats/peas/radish/crimson clover.  Weird, I know!  Interesting to see what does best.

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