Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Spring Street

The Spring Street field did not go down the way I expected.  I had planned on combining the two small seed plots (Vavilov and WN2), but as things ripened it became clear that the two Turkeys from the USDA seed bank were maturing slower than the Ehmke.  There was no way to harvest the two small plots first.

So I decided to cut all the Vavilov and WN2 by hand while Ron combined the two acres around these plots.  The hand cutting turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be.  About 30% of the wheat was down, hard, and the remaining wheat was not standing well.  This meant that most of it had to be cut with the sickle.  I had friends come and help, but I still think there was 12-14 hour of difficult work to clear out just 1/10 acre of wheat.  Aaargh.

Julie came out twice and really helped the project.  It didn't help that I still had a regular class schedule at the Y, and other obligations this week.  Tough week!

The last two shocks, which I finally got out of the field more than a week after starting the harvest.

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