Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Amazing Observations in the Test Plot

Haynes Bluestem heads.

Culms of Haynes Bluestem in the test plot.  The stand of Haynes is perfect right now.  It was never knocked down, and there is zero wildlife damage.  I will be covering it with bird netting shortly.

Purplestraw is in the foreground here.

This is the Early Red Fife.

Dakota spring wheat.  This is a selection of Haynes Bluestem was released in 1898.  Although it looks very similar to the Haynes Bluestem, it's maturing later than the stand of Haynes.

The Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2 is showing it's red-colored stems just beautifully.  The stand in the test plot is 60% knocked down, but doing well.  There is some wildlife damage but I think it will be OK.  It's very well bird netted now.

The Goldcoin winter wheat has the thickest, reddest stalk I have ever seen.

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