Saturday, July 21, 2018

Goldcoin Wheat

I have been harvesting in the test plot off and on for a week or so, as conditions permit.  Today I threshed the Goldcoin.  This is a striking wheat.  The lower straw is thick, strong, and yellow.  The culms are light purple, even after drying down.  The heads are large and awnless.  It's a white wheat, which I have not worked with before.  I definitely want to continue growing it out.

I measured the longest stalks at 5.5'!

The net was 350 grams, which is quite good I think.  The starting seed was 5 grams, planted last September.  It measured 15% humidity, meaning I should have waited a little longer before threshing.  However, I'm short on storage and will probably do more threshing this week.  This will be planted in two months so it's not absolutely necessary to get the moisture down low.

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