Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Haynes Bluestem Harvest

The Haynes Bluestem was a real pleasure.  It's the first wheat I harvested this year that was standing up 100%!  Very interesting stalks.  They are arrow-straight and a foot shorter than the winter wheat or even the Red Fifes in the test plot.  The heads, culms, and straw just make a really neat package.  The harvest overall looks a bit "thin" but I'm very impressed with how the berries look and taste.  I also measured the plot and will do a yield calculation after threshing.  Anyhow, I really want to continue growing it out now!

The blue color is long gone by now, but the overall impression is still very distinct.  It's the strongest stalk I've ever worked with, and the heads are heavy and compact.  This is the third year of growing it out.  It should be further along, except that last year the birds really hit it hard.  This year the entire test plot was well covered with hooped bird netting.  What a pleasure to harvest undamaged wheat!

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  1. Hello there,
    The Google Gods brought me to your blog and website and I am so glad they did!

    I am a bread baker who is just getting started home milling. I am thrilled to find you have heritage grains. I am familiar with red fife but have yet to bake with the grain. Ultimately, I have a goal to create a comprehensive bread book on milling/baking with heritage grains. I see you have different types of wheat. Is there any feedback on the types in regards to bread baking you could share? Is there a discernble difference in flavor when baked? A difference in protein levels? What is your favorite for bread? Have you mixed wheat types when baking? Ha, ha, I am assuming you bake bread! Love your blog and look forward to learning more about your glorious microfarm!

    Anne Wallace
    frenchcreekbaker@gmail.com is email I use for baking!