Monday, August 1, 2016

Marquis Harvest

The Marquis harvest started on July 28, but the moisture level was coming out pretty high, around 17%.  When it did not dry down, we stopped and put all the grain into my small grain dryer.

By August 1 it was reliably coming out at 13-14%, close enough so that aeration could be counted on to finish it off.  So Ron got the field cleaned up and the Marquis was safely in the shed after a couple of hours.  After cleaning and bagging, this 2 acre field produced about 34 bushels of wheat.  I intend to plant thicker next time--we drilled in 2 bushels per acre, and from looking at the stand it appeared there was room for more plants.  Try 2 1/2 next time for sure.  This was also a very late planting and I expect this reduced the harvest as well.

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