Monday, November 16, 2015

November Survey

Garden status as of November 16.  There has really only been 2-3 nights of frost to date, not enough to kill the swiss chard or bok choi.  There is a bunch of stuff that I just did not get to.  The below pick shows the historical grains research plot, all healthy and strong.  To the right I have mulched some of the leeks and carrots to stretch them out.  The light green are daikkon radishes, which I planted too late to be of much use.

The oats and peas which were drilled over the spring wheat and garlic took well.  Weirdly, the South end is peppered with volunteer bok choi, really nice stuff that I have gotten many good meals out of.  Much better than the bok choi that I intentionally grew this season.

Three rows of garlic, trying a mulch for the first time.  I have so much wheat straw that I am just coming up with things to do with it all.

Red clover from the barley and winter wheat strips, and to the right is wheat and a little vetch which is a cover crop in the former corn ground.

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