Friday, September 25, 2015

More ground prep

I am working to try to reduce clogging and do a better job of terminating cover crops.  To reduce clogging I think that fewer tines will pick up less stuff.  I'd also like to move the tool bars further apart and move or eliminate the rear cross member.  The last two items will take work, time, and re-design, but buying 9" sweeps was pretty easy.  The unit is covering substantially the same width with two fewer tines now, so two less opportunities to drag trash around.  It seems to be working.  I think I will grind the sweeps sharp so they cut better.  Right now they can sometimes bounce off of tough roots without slicing through.

Here is how the cucurbit strip looked after a few times through with 9" sweeps.  This is the best seed bed yet.  This strip was new ground in the Summer of 2014, over wintered rye, winter manure added.  It is just mellow wonderful soil now.

The corn field after a few drags.

Final pass through the cucurbits before planting.  This picture was taken the morning of Friday, September 25.

The same morning we plowed down the corn field.  It looks better in the picture than it does in person.  There are skips but I'd say 80% of the field is turned under.

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