Saturday, September 5, 2015

Getting into Fall

Lot of stuff to record and report on...

The double standard open pollinated sweet corn was a disappointment.  Flavor is marginal and it quickly gets over ripe without ever having made obvious signs of being ripe.  So it's hard to know when to harvest.  Also, the ears are small.  Right now I am just tossing a few stalks into the pasture each day for fodder.

The popcorn looks good and I can't wait for it to dry down enough to try popping!

The black lentils never really showed up and I think I will just pull them up. The plants have about two lentils on them and not much more.  The flint corn looks strong and it is surviving occasional onslaughts from raccoons and the like.  The dragon tongue beans dried down nicely and I harvested them for seed.  The red beans have longer to take before they dry down.

A few serranos have ripened now.

The clover that was planted into the barley and frost seeded into the Turkey Red winter wheat has grown strongly.  I'm not sure if I will attempt to Fall plow it or not.

It took multiple tries with the team to dig up the old ground that was snap peas, Red Fife Spring Wheat, and garlic.  I really need to make improvements to the drag so it won't trash up as easily.  The red clover that I seeded into the the spring wheat was probably just a hindrance.  I drilled in oats and peas, even though I should have gotten it in a month ago.

The zucchini is just about done and winter squash must be a couple weeks away.  I have eaten a couple of cantaloupe so far.  The parsnips are a pleasant surprise and they are coming up strong (for me), meaning about 75% germination.  But I never watered them.

I plan to harvest and thresh the buckwheat, even though I have no idea how.

The second to last work session before planting oats and peas into that strip.

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