Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ready for rain

On Sunday /12 I finished getting ready for the expected rains.  A single veggie row was created to the West of the Buckwheat field and seeded to bok choi (about 75') and the remainder to parsnips.  Have no idea what the parsnips will do.  They take 3 weeks to germinate!  We'll see.

Stuck the last of the lettuce plugs in to an area that I've been pulling beets out of.

And here below is where I took out the bolted spinach (feeding to the goats) and seeded to carrots.

Two days later I saw buckwheat coming up already!  Amazing,

This clover where the barley never took was getting weedy so I knocked it down and made a little hay out of it.  I'm curious so I'll let it dry (if the rain holds off) and stick it in the barn.  Probably a half bale in total!

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