Friday, July 17, 2015

Garden day

Here is the clover I cut a couple days ago.  I pulled it out of the field to avoid rain and it's drying very sloooowly.  Interesting experiment.

Celeriac is looking very strong.  I am hilling it slightly, which is supposed to aid in keeping the root ball blanched.

These are some of the pepper plants.  A couple are still fairly weak, but most have taken root well.

The lentils really tapered off toward the wet end of the field.  You can see the beans handled the moisture just fine.  But the lentils were slowly being replaced by weeds, so I just tore up the worst part of it.  Higher up the lentils are really bushing out and I can see some small flowers now.

I finished feeding the bok choi to Wilhelm and seeded it to lettuce before the rain.  This same night we got 1" of rain, and it's humid and rain in the forecast for the next week.

Some of the Red Fife is lodging a bit.

Amish snap peas are ready to produce.

I harvested the little bit of purple barley that survived.  It's a pain to harvest with the clover growing all around it.  In addition, much of it had started to lodge.

Carrots are developing nicely!  Too bad the Earthway put them so close together.  The soil is too tough to be able to pull them, so I need to remember to dig them.

Started moving the chicken coop.  I want the noise further away from the road, and I want to test having the donkeys circulate around it as guard animals.

Took in 70 bales from Joe on Wednesday.  There were 25 bales in the loft left over from last season.  Would like to have 160+ in the loft by Winter.  I'm hesitating before buying more until I see if I can harvest some red clover from my field of Turkey on Spring Street.  That five acre field could potentially have a couple hundred bales on it.

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