Thursday, July 2, 2015

East strip

The weather has been unusually cool lately so it was a perfect morning to hitch up and work that new section.  We used the spring tooth only and I was real happy with how it was digging into this ugly, clunky, soddy, rooted ground.  We also managed to run over the last of the rye and get that section in good steed.  I plan to throw some compost over it soon and get some fall vegetables going in it soon.  The new ground will be dragged one or two more times before being planted to oats and peas, I think.

Lesson learned on the rye!  I think that overwintered rye needs to be plowed down in May, not June.  Once it is heading out it is just sooooo tenacious!

After the work session I was in the garden and a 40lb fawn jumped right over the fence and tried to hang out with me.  Later I found out why--he or she has been munching away on the beans!  I will have to add some more hot wires and maybe do some more mowing and clearing outside the perimeter.  This is not good.

Last week Thursday the farm hosted 40 mostly female yogis for pizza and some yoga instruction as part of Ilana and Laura's Breathe for Change program.  I was amazed at how well the donkeys handled all the excitement, even coming out to great an inquisitive group of them.

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