Friday, March 30, 2018

Turkey Red in Spring

I put in a tiny test plot of Wisconsin No 2 in on March 30.  I mostly did this because I need a good photo of young red stems.  I'm also going to be watching the other heritage, spring varieties for signs of colored stems at emergence.

Spring 2018 has been cold, but not as wet as previous years.  I'm hopeful that I can get the big fields of Red Fife and Marquis planted soon.  The ground does not have much moisture in it.  If the sun will just come out, I think I can go work up the Hy 38 field and get it planted.

This has been the best year ever for maple syrup on the farm.  I've made 2.5 gallons over three batches, which is plenty more than I need.  I'll be giving some away, and using it to make cookies.  The syrup is also fairly light colored.  This photo is from the last batch, and it's not that dark.  The last syrup of the season is usually quite dark.

Rosie loves to hang her tongue out!

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