Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring Test Plot

I planted five varieties of spring wheat in the test plot today.  The ground was very good, at least in the high spots towards the center of the garden.  This is the earliest I have ever planted wheat and I'm curious to see how it goes.  The historic information I have about growing spring wheat in Wisconsin said that early plantings can be very good.

I put the Java towards the South end of the established winter wheat test plot, in 9 rows.  The plot size was 62" x 120", for approx 53 grams of seed.

I put one row of Red Fife at the very south end of the plot, as a control.  This seed came off my 2017 Hy 38 field.

The Haynes Bluestem was not going to fit at the South end, since it gets wetter there.  So I improvised a patch to the West of the garlic, which was clean vegetable ground from last year.  115 grams total of Haynes Bluestem went in.

I had three new samples from the USDA to plant, which I put in tiny squares just South of the Haynes planting.

Dakota is a selection of Haynes Bluestem, which I am planting as a control.

Early Red Fife is a selection of Red Fife that Saunders made in 1905.  I am hoping to grow this out and make it my primary Red Fife offering in the future.  My hypothesis is that it will be more pure and correct than the Red Fife I have now.

Purplestraw is the forunner of all kinds of bluestems, as well as other major North American wheat.  I'm excited to see how it grows.

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