Monday, April 3, 2017


Another cold, wet Spring!  It's April and there has not been anything close to a planting window yet.  Here is a roundup of stuff from last year.

Turkey Red wheat on 3 Mile Rd.  It looks good but it's nowhere near as far along as the wheat I planted in the garden.

Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2 in the test plot.

The Bacska is totally dead.  What a shame, I was really excited about growing this one out.  There are a dozen or so plants alive, so I will save these heads and start all over again.  It was killed in November when the temperature went down too quickly.  Wheat takes time to acclimate to cold conditions.  
This is the temperature record from November 2016.  It was unusually warm and the wheat did not go thorough it's ordinary hardening off.  The Turkey Red and Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2 did fine.  The Bacska also showed the same browned-out lower leaves in the 2015 crop, but not enough to kill it.

This is the damage the Bacska had suffered by November 26, 2016.  I believe it was pretty much dead by this time, even though it was not much of a freeze.

One of the Bacska plants that is still alive.

Close up of the Spring wheat test.  I added another row on April 2.

I think this is the row from 2/28.  The seed planted on 2/7 also looks good.

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