Sunday, July 3, 2016

To the Rescue

Christin came over and gave me the push I needed to finish harvesting all the test wheat, at least the winter stuff.  She was a BIG help.

This was the major winter wheat patch, where I am comparing three different strains of Turkey Red.  Here are my early observations:

Stephens Turkey:  Taller stalks, more productive.  Standing the best of all three

Heartland Turkey: Shorter stalk, thinner stalk, less productive

Ehmke Turkey: Tall, more uniform than the Stephens, and thicker stalk.

USDA Turkey and Wisconsin No. 2:  Both displayed a red upper stalk prior to harvest, which faded after harvest.  They are both quite tall and seem to be standing better than any of the other Turkeys.

We both posed with the cradle, but we did most of the cutting with knives or a hand sickle.  The cradle was not good at keeping the three varieties separate.

Christin checking out the mysterious red-stemmed Turkey wheats from the USDA small grains collection.

These are the shocks of Turkey Red and Wisconsin No. 2.

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