Sunday, October 18, 2015

First frost

Frost was forecast for October 16 & 17 and it did not disappoint.  I wish I had saved more of the peppers--for some reason I was convinced it would be so light that they would be spared.  But I think it was solidly in the 20's and the peppers are all done for.  Oh, well.

The swiss chard survived but I know it will die when it gets into the low 20's so I have started cutting it and feeding to the herd.  The tillage radishes that I drilled in next to the wheat testing plot was mostly killed, meaning that it was pretty much a waste to plant it.  It should have been planted earlier, or not at all.

The wheat test plot is growing well.

Of the tiny USDA wheat samples, the Bacska had the lowest germination rate.  The Turkey and Wisconsin No. 2 were both fine, but the Bacska was marginal.

I started the garlic on Saturday, October 17 and planted three rows 12" apart.  This is closer than I did last year, but "The Market Gardener" recommends just 10" so it should be OK.  I also planted some tiny onion plants and some onion sets as an experiment, in the high ground where the soil is the best.  The one row that did not have any onions used up 20 bulbs to fill up the 120' length.

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