Sunday, April 21, 2019

Pizza Plot

2019, just like 2018, is not offering any simple solutions in the garden.  Relatively little soil was worked up last fall, due to the extraordinary wet conditions.  Really, the soil was continuously saturated from late September through right now.  I am planting only on the highest spots, and unable to do much good tillage.  About a week ago the donkeys plowed a 5' wide strip (we quit since it was hard to find ground dry enough to plow).  It was really just a test but now I'm using it for planting!  I drilled in 185 grams of extra Haynes Bluestem wheat in a 4' x 25' plot.  This will be enough to make a couple loaves of bread for the fall pizza party--the first loaf of Haynes Bluestem that anyone has eaten in 100 years!  I'm very curious to see how this wheat bakes.  It's really the most distinct wheat I've worked with to date.

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