Sunday, April 28, 2019

Java Plot

The Java has outgrown the home test plot so I put it in the Newmand Rd field.  I could have planted it when I did the the main planting on April 9, but I was kind of curious what a later planting would look like.  This meant I had to work up a section by hand, since the moisture from a big snowstorm compacted the soil.  With the wheel hoe I worked up a section 27' x 12' on the North end of the WN2 planting, and drilled in with the earthway as usual.  465 grams, good conditions for planting (at least up in this high and mostly dry spot).

Here is the Wisconsin No 2 up close and personal.

The Vavilov and Wisconsin No 2 were both significantly damaged in the rain last September and October.  It feels good to see some green, but probably half of the crop was lost.  More annoying is that I will probably have to do some hand weeding in the field to keep things under control now.  A spotty stand will have trouble keeping weeds at bay.

Here is what the Marquis looks like, up close and personal.  It's coming up very slowly, which is to be expected.  Weather has been cold and damp.

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