Sunday, October 14, 2018

The big washout

The winter wheat was put to bed on September 27.  Within a few days, we were getting regular, large rain events.  Roughly, there were 2" on 30th, 2" on the 1st, and 2" on the 6th.  I lost track after that.  By October 14th I was able to walk to field and see what had happened.

The worst washout went right through the Red May.  This is actually high ground, and fairly flat.  But it was just a ton of rain.

I think this is the Krymka and Goldcoin.

The high spots look pretty good.
This is the oats and peas with red clover at the North end of the field.
Below are some glam shots from October 9th.  Thankfully, a lot of wheat survived. Wish I had a packer, I think that would have saved more of the planting in the low spots.

This is all Vavilov.  It was too wet to walk out and see the WN2.