Friday, December 5, 2014

Save the Spinach!

The late planting of spinach is still alive despite several nights in the single digits, so I have decided to give it some help with a simple mini hoop. There is plenty of moisture in the ground and with some sunny days I hope to be able to harvest small handfuls every week or two for awhile. We'll see. 

It's a 10' x 3' frame with 3/8" poly hoops. 

Last of the summer kale. The kale gets no such babying and is just about gone. There are a couple handfuls left in the field but I expect that the kale scramblers I've enjoyed every morning for the past six months are basically over. Sigh. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Early cold snap

Starting around November 10 we began experiencing below freezing weather and by the 14th there was at least two inches of hard frost in the ground. I rescued about 15 lbs of carrots although it was tough digging through the frost. 

Here is what things looked like on the 14th

By the 22nd the weather had been almost exclusively below freezing and as low as 5 degrees in the farm. The 22nd & 23rd warmed up temporarily. There was not much life left in the garden by then.