Monday, January 19, 2015

Germination test

Test of the flint corn I grew last year. I have two ears for planting this season. 8/8 kernels germinated ok after being rolled up in a wet sock for four days. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Moving compost

Hitched up the team yesterday and today and spread five big loads of compost onto the middle strip of oats and peas. This is high ground that should dry up early and will be the first area planted in a couple months.

Laura is a new teamster and the only person who has worked the team besides myself. The team is doing well for her while Laura is developing her driving skills. At this point the team still needs some help with the hands to stay even and work with precision. Nevertheless I am really happy with Laura and the team. This is still technically a green team and Laura has only been on the lines 3 times in her life now!

Here is a clip of Laura warming up the team.  I actually pretty much threw her in the deep end this day.  We hitched the team, and I immediately had Laura get on the lines and ground drive them while I went to find the evener and pry the sled loose from the frozen ground.  Then after we hooked up the traces she went around the pasture twice to get the feel.  Here they are pulling very well for her and staying even.

The second day I was working alone and it was a dream session. The barn doors are too frozen to open up wide enough for three abreast, so I hitched and unhitched in the yard. I just started throwing harnesses on while they ate breakfast and by the time the bits were in they just stood still and waited for the lines. Here we are unhitching, Rosie only stepped out of line when I went to snap the picture. Pretty impressed with these guys!

Got this portable greenhouse completed yesterday and spotted just outside the back porch. I'll use it for getting flats started this season and use it for winter vegetables next winter.