Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hy 38 Marquis Harvest

The Marquis harvest on Hy 38 went very smoothly.  Moisture was never a problem--it was testing in the 12's on the very first pass.  By the time I was cleaning and bagging it a few days later, it was 11.2% mc.  I wish they all went this well!  The below picture is the only evidence I have of the harvest.  My phone was causing trouble that day.  The entire field took 2.1 hrs of engine time on the tractor.  The yield was poor.  After cleaning, the tally was 48 bags, exactly 20 bu/acre.

This is what the field looked like the next day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Three Mile Road Harvest

The day after harvesting on 96th Street I took my own rig to the field on 3 Mile Rd.  This field was just down the street from my house.  This was the first time harvesting with my Case diesel tractor.  The combination worked very well!  We had one stop when the re-threshing spout clogged up a couple of times.  I did some test harvesting at 11 am, but had to wait until around 2:00 pm to begin work on the field in earnest.  I finished the entire 5 acres by dark.

The harvest was cleaned and bagged by the end of the month.  Tally was 8700 lbs (145 bushels) of clean wheat.

Monday, July 17, 2017

96th Street Harvest

I had planned on using my own combine for the 96th Street Turkey Red, but Brian ended up doing it for me.  I had spent a morning helping him get his combine ready, and when he offered to do the field it just made sense.  We waited until fairly late in the day to get the grain dry enough, and then the work was finished quickly.  This field was weedy and I don't know the reason why.  But the grain looked good.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Test Plot Update

The test plot has been under siege this season.  First it was the bunnies, munching away at the tender wheatgrass in the Spring.  As the wheat matured, the deer stopped by and munched away a couple of times.  Towards harvest, the birds began to attack the mature heads.  I've never dealt with this much critter trouble before.

Here is the Vavilov Turkey Red.  I actually got four pounds out of the plot at harvest time, so I achieved a decent return.  But it's still pretty embarrassing.  I will try harder next year.

The Wisconsin No. 2 especially showed the same spectacular red stems again this season.  Wow.  The red stems were not as apparent in the Vavilov Turkey, but still apparent.  I grew Ehmke Turkey Red as a control and the stems were ordinary white.

Another shot of the Wisconsin No. 2

Shocking the Vavilov Turkey Red.